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Rookie Mistakes to Avoid in Sacramento Web Design

There are many things you can do in Sacramento Web Design, many things that can help and boost your website’s online charisma and appeal to its users. Similarly, there are many things that you can do wrong, many things that will make the user wrinkle his or her nose and hit the close button before he even has the chance to gaze upon the services you have to offer. These mistakes are easily avoidable if the developer is aware enough to make sure these shortcomings and flaws do not occur on his or her website.

Search Fields can sometimes do more bad than good

Search fields can sometimes shatter a user’s impression on your website and discourage him or her from further looking through it. This is because literal search fields that are the norm in Sacramento Web Design are not able to handle user errors or special characters like hyphens, slashes, etc. This results in the user getting more frustrated. Just imagine the user trying to navigate through your website, unable to find what he or she is looking for. He or she decides to use the search field, when the results come up with nothing, this will only leave an even worse impression with the user. Be wary of this.


Be sure that visited links change color

Everybody who has been using the internet for a moderate amount of time has become accustomed to this by now. When you are visiting a link for the first time, it is (usually) blue but after you have visited the link once, the link turns a different color (usually purple). This helps the user navigate as he or she does not have to remember the links they’ve visited. It makes your website much easier to go through. Make sure to keep this in mind when designing your website. It could make or break a deal!

Don’t throw big paragraphs of text at users

For a Sacramento Web Design to be successful, it has to be interactive, aesthetically pleasing and intuitive. A user will be turned off if you throw lines and lines of text at him or her. A user does not want to sit there and read something that looks like a Master’s student’s final year thesis, he or she wants to be informed through creative visual cues and interactive text and images. Remember, good Sacramento Web Design includes subheads, bulleted lists, and highlighted keywords and short, I repeat, short paragraphs.

Don’t design important elements like advertisements

It is more than likely that the users on your website will be people who have been on the internet for years and over the course of these years, people develop an almost built-in mechanism to ignore anything that even remotely looks like an advertisement. Sacramento Web Designers have to keep this in mind when designing their websites. Important elements of your websites should not even slightly look like advertisements. Do NOT design them as such. Otherwise, you are risking losing users due to a horrendously bad design choice.


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